Welcome to the website for H79.2802, Mashups: Remixing the Web.

The class is offered during Fall Semester 2010 and meets on Wednesdays from 6:30pm-9:00pm in ITP Room 447, with some labs held in Tisch LC19.


Course Description

Vinyl Record What does DJ Danger Mouse have in common with a modern web application developer? Mashups! A hallmark of Web 2.0, mashup applications draw upon content retrieved from external data services to create entirely new and innovative applications. This introductory course explores what it means to be a web mashup, the different classes of popular mashups, and the enabling technologies needed to create mashup applications. Through projects and hands-on tutorials, students will learn about the practical tools and technologies they need to remix digital content using XML, AJAX, and web service APIs such as Flickr, Delicious, and the Google Maps API.


Students are expected to have taken a basic programming course, and have some limited experience with HTML and web design. Experience with Javascript or familiarity with a server-side scripting language like Python or PHP is helpful, but no experience with any particular languages or web technologies is required.

How to Get Started

Take a look at the syllabus for a more detailed description of the course. The assignments page describes the required coursework, and the materials page lists the course readings. Check out the resources page for links to web development tools, reference materials, and examples of web mashup projects.