General Information

BlenderH79.2802 has three types of coursework requirements.

Readings: Readings are assigned to correspond to each lecture topic. Students should complete the readings before lecture and be prepared to participate in class discussion of the readings.

Individual Assignments: Four individual assignments must be completed during the first half of the semester. Each of these assignments has a written portion and an implementation portion. The written portions involve reflection and idea generation based on the assigned readings. The implementation portions are mini-projects that allow students to become familiar with various web development tools and techniques.

Project Assignments: During the second half of the semester, students will form project teams and build a working prototype of a web mashup site. This six-week design project includes four milestones: an initial written project proposal, two intermediate checkpoints, and a final presentation and written report.


Individual Assignments
Course Sign-up Due Sep 8
Assignment #1 Due Sep 22
Assignment #2 Due Oct 6
Assignment #3 Due Oct 27
Assignment #4 Due Nov 17
Team Assignments
Team Registration Due Oct 27
Project Proposal Due Nov 3
Project Checkpoint #1 Due Nov 10
Project Checkpoint #2 Due Nov 24
Final Report Due Dec 8
Interim Course Evaluation Due Oct 13
Final Team Evaluation Due Dec 8


Students will be graded on the group project, short individual assignments, and class participation, weighted as follows:

Late Policy

All assignments are due at the beginning of class on the due date. A total of six (6) free late days are allowed over the course of the semester; you may distribute these free late days however you like among the individual assignments. Provided you have enough late days remaining, you assignment will be accepted without penalty, but your assignment will no longer be accepted once all of your late days are used.

If you have already exhausted all your late days are in further need due to extenuating circumstances, you can request extra accommodation via an instructor-granted extension.